Swedish Sports Nutrition was founded at the end of 2015, with the aim of creating market-leading products in the supplement market. We are in the lead, was the more tired of the how many players on the market is basically ripped off their customers by filling out the product with the non-active ingredients, or that don't have to declare all components of ingredients.
American Sports Nutrition's stand on honesty and transparency, in which consumers can trust that products are what they say they do, and that they are free from doping & controlled substances. We believe that honesty will pay off in the long run, then, as a consumer, you can rely on the American Sports Nutrition provider of health food stores.
Our innovation is based on a hollistiskt way of thinking in order to create industry-leading products, which permeates everything from the tone, design and content of a product. We are constantly trying to improve ourselves in all aspects, and therefore listen carefully to what our customers think about our brand and our products.
In all of American Sports Nutrition's products are naturally made and produced in compliance with GMP and HACCP.


Richard Susaeg, CEO-Founder