PRE FIGHT is a specially formulated product for SSN by Samuel Ericsson, and is part of the series, THE GRIND FIGHTING SERIES. The products of this series are designed to fit tightly high-performance fighters, and the wanderers, which takes a lot of energy during the exercise.

  • Flavors: Strawberry, lime,
  • Intake: One serving just before your workout.
  • Preparation: Mix 2 scoops (20g) with about 3-4 cups of water in a shaker.
  • Composition<. PRE FIGHT, containing a variety of ingredients that give an extra boost and energy for a strenuous work-out. Beta alanine will help to counteract the lactic acid, and caffeine with L-theanine, provides a great focus, which makes for a long time, can continue to go for it, even if you are starting to get fed up. It also contains 12 grams of simple carbs, which is perfect for a hard workout. To 12 grams of simple carbs is roughly that of a medium sized banana.
  • Storage: Store product in a cool place and use up an opened jar within 3 months is recommended.
Net weight: 400 grams
Servings per container: 20