POST FIGHT is a specially formulated product for SSN by Samuel Ericsson, and is part of the series, THE GRIND FIGHTING SERIES. The products of this series are designed to fit tightly high-performance fighters, and the wanderers, which takes a lot of energy during the exercise.

  • Flavors: Chocolate fudge, Vanilla berry
  • Intake: One serving just after exercise.
  • Preparation: Mix 2 scoops (60g) with 3-5 dl of water in a shaker.
  • Composition: POST FIGHT to contain fast carbs and protein you need after a heavy workout to maximize your recovery and build-up. The POST the FIGHT-also includes bottle & mineralersättning you need after a hard workout. The mix of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin c is quite unique and is perfect for a hard-working fighter who is in need of an extra dose of it. With this product, so if you have an sport resorb, along with simple carbs, protein c, vitamin a, and zinc.
  • Storage: Store product in a cool place and use up an opened jar within 3 months is recommended.
    Net weight: 1200 gram
    Servings per container: 20